Security and Audits

Security is our core value

We understand that security is the number one concern for users. We continue to invest in ensuring the security of the UpDeFi platform and the security of the underlying yield protocols and their mining pools.
UpDeFi is a non-custodial platform for user assets, which means that users can withdraw their assets on the UpDeFi platform at any time. At the same time, UpDeFi cannot use the assets deposited by users in any way outside the defined yield strategy.
We conduct detailed risk assessment and testing of the underlying yield protocols and mining pools that plan to be integrated by the UpDeFi platform strategies, and only launch strategies to users after confirming that there are no foreseeable risks. After the strategy is launched, we will continue to track all changes to the corresponding protocols and mining pools to ensure the security of users’ deposited assets. ​


All modules of UpDeFi have been fully and carefully audited and tested before going live.
UpDeFi's contracts have been audited by well-known security companies in the industry, CertiK and PeckShield.