Yield Enhancement Program

The Yield Enhancement Program is designed to help any protocol and DAO treasury to enhance their yields by using UpDeFi's yield strategies.

Any protocol and DAO treasury that integrates with UpDeFi’s yield strategies can receive up to 50% of the UpDeFi protocol revenues generated by their contribution TVL.

If you would like to become a Yield Enhancement Program Partner, please contact us!

Open to all protocols and DAO treasuries

We deeply understand the focus of all protocols and DAO treasuries on improving the returns of users' funds and we built UpDeFi with the notion to help them improve on their returns. Any protocol and DAO treasury can participate in our Yield Enhancement Program to accumulate more funds for the DAO while earning higher yields for user funds.

Revenue Sharing Model

We will determine a yield enhancement program parter's revenue sharing tier based on the total TVL of all strategies in the UpDeFi protocol, and then determine its revenue sharing level:

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