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✔️Market analysis and evaluation of different projects.

Our team analyzed other Yield Aggregator projects available on the market and formed the basis of the project to design the best for the community and the different protocols.

✔️Design and development of the UpDeFi project

Inspired by the vesting ideas of the Mars team, our team developed the project by providing the highest APR and highest price stabilization.

✔️Consulted with CertiK and Peckshield for audits.

In order to keep the security of the protocol at the maximum level, our team started audit preparations with CertiK and Peckshield, the best audit companies in DeFi.

✔️IHO preparations started with Mars Ecosystem

The UpDeFi team, who wanted to make a great start by holding an IHO in the Mars Ecosystem, which has a large community, started negotiations with the Mars team on this issue.

✔️Peckshield and CertiK audits completed successfully.

Our team worked closely with the CertiK and Peckshield teams throughout the audit process, making sure that the UpDeFi protocol had maximum security and successfully completed the audits.

✔️Completion of preparations for the HO to be held in the Mars Ecosystem

Our team made sure that everything would go perfectly by completing the preparations for the IHO that will be held in the Mars Ecosystem, which has a strong community.

✔️Auto-compounding and Yield-Enhancing strategies, which will be included in the beginning, are made ready for Mars Ecosystem and Pancakeswap protocols.

✔️Successfully completed IHO in Mars Ecosystem.

With the great interest shown by the Mars community, the IHO of the UP token was successfully completed and 2% of the total supply of the UP token met its first owners.

Immediately after the IHO was completed, the excess XMS tokens were returned and the 90-day vesting of the UP token was initiated.

✔️The first Vaults of UpDeFi were successfully launched right after the IHO.

The Mars Ecosystem and Pancakeswap Vaults to be located on UpDeFi became operational right after the successful IHO at Mars Ecosystem and the early users of UpDeFi increased their earnings with great APRs.

✔️UP Holder program started successfully.

The UP Holder program, which we have developed to expand and further expand the UpDeFi community, has been successfully launched and the first tasks have been given.

✔️Starting Biswap Vaults

In addition to the Mars Ecosystem and Pancakeswap protocols, high APR Vaults have been successfully implemented with Biswap, a successful DEX, farms on BNB Chain. ✔️


🚧Implementation of Stake UP to earn BSW Vault.

The Stake UP to earn BSW Vault, which is heavily requested by the community, will be implemented.

🚧Continuation of Global & Local Marketing.

Our marketing team constantly conducts Yield Aggregator market research to evaluate the points that can be most useful to UpDeFi, and we are constantly adding new local communities to strengthen our community.

🚧Regular giveaway with $UP

We will keep their interest in UpDeFi at the maximum level by organizing giveaways in order to keep our community alive and to make them happy.

🚧We will constantly follow the changes of Mars Ecosystem, Pancake Swap and Biswap projects, which we have strategies, and adapt ourselves to them.

🚧We will continue to develop our communities on different platforms (such as Discord, Reddit) and let more people hear about the UpDeFi project.

🚧We will organize Marketing events with UpDeFi partners.

In order to introduce UpDeFi to more people, we will continue to strengthen and grow our community together with our partners by constantly organizing marketing activities.


🔜More protocols and vaults will be added

Our team is constantly researching protocols and strategies to ensure maximum benefit to our community and other protocols. In this way, more protocols and more vaults will be offered to our users.

🔜UI/UX Enhancements/Updates

We are constantly listening to the community and listening to their suggestions. In line with these suggestions and our team's own work, we will continuously improve the interface and user experience.

🔜We will create Exclusive pools with high APR for community contribution.

We will foster a mutualistic relationship by developing exclusive pools of dual benefits around community contributions.

🔜More missions will be added for the UP Holder program.

We will further reward our community members who participate in the UP Holder program, encouraging them to grow our community.

🔜More investment strategies will be added

More strategies are currently being devised by our team that will make our users' lives easier and increase their returns, as well as maximize the liquidity yields of the different platforms. These strategies will be integrated into the UpDeFi protocol.

🔜Cross-Chain development

UpDeFi won't be limited to just BNB Chain. Our goal is to make the lives of users all over the DeFi world easier and maximize their returns. In this direction, our team will integrate UpDeFi with different blockchains and create strategies with the platforms on that blockchains.

🔜More Partners of Yield Enhancement Program & UP Incentive Program

By cooperating with different projects that want to benefit from Yield Enhancement Program & UP Incentive Programs, we will ensure that both protocols benefit from a mutualist agreement.

🔜DAO Governance

By integrating the DAO Governance model into the UpDeFi protocol, we will ensure that our project is run entirely by the community, and we will give more say to our community and develop it in line with their ideas. In addition, the UP token will gain a new utility.

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