Our Values

Community, Security, Efficiency, and Simplicity are defining core values that UpDeFi strives to emulate throughout all UpDeFi work and products. We strongly believe these values will help us better serve the community, users, and other projects.


Our projects and products are completely community driven. Our team, users and collaborating projects ALL come from the community. We are firmly committed to building an active and united community. We aspire to incentivize and motivate the community to contribute to the development of our fresh products and strategies. UpDeFi aims to adopt a decentralized and transparent DAO governance system, furthering our strong belief in the community.


We understand that security is the number one concern for users. Major investment has been made and is essential, presently and futurely, in ensuring the security of the UpDeFi platform and the security of the underlying yield protocols and their mining pools.



We understand that capital efficiency is critical for both users and projects. Users want to get the highest yields for their funds. Projects want to improve the capital efficiency of liquidity mining, maximizing liquidity and user attention while minimizing costs. The team has made it their responsibility to invest in the following areas:


We will build a one-stop, YaaS platform that satisfies all users' yield needs, simplifying users operations in an already much complicated DeFi world. Our goal is that UpDeFi can provide the following utilities to its users:

Access to all blockchains.

We will enable users on any blockchain to easily be able to take advantage of yield opportunities on any other blockchain.

Access to all protocols.

We will help users easily access high yield opportunities across any and all protocols.

Growing all assets.

Our rich yield strategies will help optimize users’ earnings for any asset they hold.

Earning all assets.

Our innovative yield strategies allow users to flexibly choose their earning tokens. For example, if the earn token of the underlying yield pool that users deposit into is BTC, our yield strategies can help users realize earnings in the form of ETH or BNB.

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